MTV Staying Alive|05.05.2016|News

Today marks an extra special day for all of us at the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, as we can finally reveal our latest ambassador… Laura Mvula.

Back after a short hiatus, Laura Mvula is once again gracing our ears with her uniquely poetic music. Determined not only to continue making great songs but also to use her position to the benefit of others, Laura has joined the MTV Staying Alive Foundation family, to help us amplify our message and reach even more young people with HIV-prevention and sexual and reproductive health education.


Laura has spoken out about why she chose to represent MTV Staying Alive Foundation, saying:

“Becoming an ambassador for MTV Staying Alive is a great honour for me. It’s so important that we work harder than ever to increase awareness about HIV among young people. We need to work together to ensure that we our future generations are empowered, particularly young people, so they can protect themselves against HIV.

Raising up our girls and women is something I’ve been focussing on a lot recently and it’s something I tried to express in Phenomenal Woman. First and foremost girls and young women should have access to information and know that they can make their own choices and part of why I’m involved with MTV Staying Alive is because they’re getting the message out to a very wide audience. Girls are disproportionately affected by HIV, with nearly two thirds of all new infections among young people being girls, so I hope that in my role as Ambassador I’ll be able to encourage them”.


Laura will be adding her name to the amazing list of Staying Alive Foundation ambassadors and performers over the years, including Beyoncé, Diddy, George Michael, Tinie Tempah, Kelly Rowland, Becca Dudley and Keri Hilson, all of whom have helped us in the global fight against HIV.

HIV/AIDS is still the biggest killer of adolescents in Africa and the second biggest killer of adolescents worldwide, with nearly two thirds of new infections among adolescents occurring in girls rising to 74% in Africa.

The Overcome and, rather aptly titled, Phenomenal Woman singer will be working with us throughout 2016 to boost our work with young people globally and, more specifically, with key populations, women and girls, sex workers, LGBTI, prisoners, migrants and IDUs (injecting drug users).