Temitope Shiro|07.08.2018|Uncategorized

Our grantees in India, are simply amazing and remind us why young people are so important in ending HIV/AIDs.

Despite, being in a country where same-sex relations are criminalised and socially stigmatized – our grantees, Yaariyan, have created a safe space that fosters dialogue and peer support along with facilitating access to mental and sexual health services among LGBTQ+ youth.

Yaariyan is unique in their approach as they organise activations on the ground as well as online. On the ground they host events such as movie screenings, outings and hold HIV and STI awareness talks and discussions. Their digital approach includes their secret but lively Facebook group, which is a platform dedicated to friendly discussions on queer issues as well as health outreach.

The digital element of their project is impressive as it highlights Yaariyan’s commitment to reach all LGBTQ+ people – including the individuals who are not out.