Vanessa Anglade|29.11.2018|Feature

December 1st 2018 marks 20 Years of MTV Staying Alive Foundation. We have distributed over $6 million worth of grants reaching over 3.2m young people. MTV Shuga has aired in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, with a reach of over 720m households and is set to expand into India and Cote d’Ivoire in 2019. We have a lot to celebrate!

MTV Staying Alive is excited to share our key achievements in 2017/2018. Over the course of 2017/18 we have educated 192,500 young people about HIV. Nearly 20,000 young people got tested through our youth led projects on the ground. 60 young activists from 30 organisations attended our capacity building trainings hosted in South Africa and Rwanda to help them implement their HIV projects successfully and sustainability. We invested in 9 new grants included projects in Gabon, Mauritius and Georgia where we haven’t previously funded.

MTV_SAF_20_Years_of_Impact_2-min MTV_SAF_20_Years_of_Impact_3-min MTV_SAF_20_Years_of_Impact_4-min MTV_SAF_20_Years_of_Impact_5-min MTV_SAF_20_Years_of_Impact_6-min MTV_SAF_20_Years_of_Impact_7-min MTV_SAF_20_Years_of_Impact_8-min MTV_SAF_20_Years_of_Impact_9-min MTV_SAF_20_Years_of_Impact_10-min MTV_SAF_20_Years_of_Impact_11-min MTV_SAF_20_Years_of_Impact_12-min

Click here to download our full 20 year infographic report.

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