MTV Staying Alive|06.11.2018|Feature

“A rainbow workshop hosted by a rainbow nation”

Alongside providing grants to our new grantees we also give them the opportunity to take part in a two week training workshop where they learn and share skills to help with the success and sustainability of their projects.

Here we have one of our grantee, John Musinguzi from Uganda, documenting his experience from our recent grantee workshop in South Africa.

Time check is about 03:00am, just 50 minutes to boarding time and the airline authorities deny me from checking in at the airport and just like that I miss my flight to South Africa. Feels horrible, right? We drive back to Kampala (Uganda’s capital), 46km from the airport to catch some sleep as the airline had scheduled me another flight that was at 5:10pm. My journey to South Africa was supposed to be 6 hours at maximum if you’re to include waiting time for the connecting flight in Nairobi, but it ended up way into 23 hours just because of that small inconvenience.

Well after all trials and tribulations Solomon, my work partner and I checked in at our Hotel at about 2:15am and that’s how we started the ‘Rainbow Training Workshop’. Oh yes I call it the Rainbow Workshop because I got to meet fellow participants from just about every part of the world. All continents were well represented from Asia to Africa, Europe and North America.


(John Musinguzi and Solomon Sserunyaze from Public Health Ambassadors Uganda)

Participatory and very interactive learning blended with fun games/energizers was the order of the day. MTV SAF chose the best knowledgeable trainers from Restless Development who were not only resourceful but also very easy to get along with.

We were ‘Facilitators-Participants’ during training hours but just in a snap we became colleagues, gym partners and teammates at the volleyball court. The best conversations happened at the dinner table where we shared almost everything from world politics to our diverse and beautiful cultures and countries where we came from.

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The MTV SAF training workshop was not just a gathering of grantees from across the globe but was also a clear indicator that embracing diversity is a beautiful thing, that irrespective of where we come from we are most likely confronted by the same challenges like HIV/AIDS and it’s only logical if we come together, join efforts and fight the scourge to its oblivion. Our project, ‘Boda Beeramu’ is helping contribute to such efforts among commercial motorcycle riders in Uganda. Thank you MTV Staying Alive!

Written by John Musinguzi.