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Launching our new scholarship!

We are so excited to announce our partnership with MetFilm School to launch a new scholarship to help women secure lead roles behind the camera. The 2019 Voices That Matter Scholarship – Women In The Screen Industries, will be awarded only to promising MetFilm School female filmmakers of the future.

Students who win the scholarship from London and from their Berlin campus will get access to unique senior executives from the industry, quarterly Viacom mentoring sessions, as well as active work experience and placement opportunities across the Viacom brands (MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures and more!).

Why run a female-only scholarship? A report for the British Film Institute (BFI) found that in 2015, just 14.4% of writers involved in UK films and 9.4% of directors were female. Which means a 85.6% of writers and 90.6% of directors were male, meaning there is still a long way to go until we achieve gender equality in filmmaking.

Plus, films with female writers and producers received less funding and films directed by women, despite a high return on investment, received 63% less distribution than those directed by men.

As well as the lack of female representation behind the scenes, the general lack of diversity in the film and screen industries is still a huge problem – ethnic minorities, those with disabilities and people from disadvantaged backgrounds also have a tough time entering and progressing.

Biases in the industry, unconscious or not, are why scholarships like Voices That Matter are so important. “This is MetFilm School and MTV SAF saying there’s a problem here… and we’re doing something to make a difference,” Jonny Persey, Director of MetFilm School said. “We’re saying that we value women in this industry, we value what they can offer and what they have to say – their voices genuinely matter. We’re saying that we should challenge every single thing that challenges diversity, because holding back diversity only serves to hold back the industry.

Georgia Arnold, Executive Director of MTV Staying Alive said, “MTV Staying Alive has spent 20 years investing in the next generation by creating award-winning longform content and campaigns aimed at protecting young people around the world. We’re really proud to partner with the London MetFilm School on this scholarship and look forward to sharing our extensive film-making experience, deep production knowledge and creative expertise, in the hope it opens the doors to many more talented women in the screen industries.

The deadline to submit an application for Voices That Matter Scholarship is Sunday 14th July. For more information and to apply click here.

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