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The World Bank has recently published an evaluation on a domestic violence subplot of our MTV Shuga series, highlighting the importance of using engaging storylines and characters to change behaviour.

The World Bank had previously undertaken a major impact evaluation of MTV Shuga Season 3 and found that the campaign was highly effective in improving HIV knowledge and attitudes, and successfully promoting safer sexual behaviours among viewers. While the focus of Season 3 was HIV prevention and testing, it also included a subplot about gender-based violence.  The recent World Bank study sought to understand the effectiveness of this storyline.

We are happy to announce that the World Bank research demonstrated that MTV Shuga was highly effective in changing the attitudes of men towards gender-based violence.  The study found that male viewers were 21 percent less likely to justify forced sex or wife beating and the reporting of sexual violence among female viewers declined by more than a half.  Despite the fact that domestic violence was a secondary theme of MTV Shuga, this study showed that random exposure to our edutainment series improved men’s attitudes, reduced sexual violence for both genders, and reduced physical violence reported by female viewers.

The study yielded promising results that suggest even small doses of exposure to our high-quality edutainment can change attitudes and behaviours related to gender based violence.

To read more about this study please follow this link: GBV Policy Brief MTV Shuga

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