Oluwalayomi Omolola|27.04.2021|Sex Life
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  • The social media platform with quick videos, dance moves, and hilarious content also doubles as an avenue for sex-ed. Just as we use our MTV Shuga campaign to explore the dangers of sexual health misinformation, sexual health professionals have taken to TikTok to promote correct, healthy practices to the app’s young audience.

    Just searching #obgyn, #gyn, or #healthclass results in a plethora of 60-second or less video tutorials on everything from how to clean the vulva to gynecologist-recommended hygiene products. This kind of informative content is great for all women, especially those with limited access to a gynecologist. Not to mention the health content is understandable and convenient to attain.

    However, you shouldn’t believe everything you consume on the internet. Here are some tips to avoid being misled:


  1. Follow verified medical accounts (look for the blue check sign on their profile)


  1. Know that everything is case-by-case, follow up with your primary care physician with all specifics and concerns


  1. Read the comments section (others may have disputed their claims or provided more insight)

Two popular and verified gynecologists on Tik Tok are Dr. Staci Tanouye (top) and Dr. Jennifer Lincoln (bottom).

Vaginal discharge TikTok 


Tampon TikTok 

So go forth and learn! You never know what tip could help you or someone else.

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