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Someone Like Me

Someone Like Me is a partnership between the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and Durex that is championing happier and healthier sex lives for young people across the globe.
Through digital and social media, Someone Like Me is inspiring a generation to talk more openly about sex, freely ask questions and add their voice to a global movement. We want to empower a generation to take actions, be those big or small, to change perceptions and overcome barriers when it comes to sex and staying healthy.

Someone Like Me launched on World AIDS Day December 2013 with a documentary titled My Sex Life and Everyone Else's which was broadcast on MTV channels around the world - entirely self-shot by participants it was an insider look into the attitudes towards sex of young people around the globe. This was paired with the launch of a website and World AIDS Day events in 6 countries including Columbia, Australia and the UK.

In 2014 Someone Like Me grew it's web presence and focused on growing it's global crew of young people dedicated to helping raise awareness of HIV and the benefits of talking openly and honestly about sex.


The Vision

Conversation has the power to inspire happier, healthier sex lives. Join a generation of people not just talking about sex, but standing up for your right to do so. Let’s get talking.

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