Circus Zambia


HIV peer educators trained
Young people tested for HIV
Condoms Distributed

Circus Zambia

Circus Zambia is a youthful and entertaining social circus company working to educate young people in Lusaka, Zambia about safe sex and HIV prevention.
Circus Zambia is a youthful and vibrant social circus company and creative hub that equips young people with circus, life and academic skills so that they can reach their full potential and enable Chibolya Township to blossom.

The target group for the project consists of young people from marginalized communities. Currently Circus Zambia focus’ mainly on youths living in Chibolya, which is the township where the founders of Circus Zambia were born and raised. Chibolya is known as the most disadvantaged area in Lusaka, infamous for riots, drugs abuse and criminality. Circus Zambia shows that aside from this, there is talent, creativity and positive energy in Chibolya.

Through this project, which entails circus training, life skills training on sanitation/HIV&AIDS/ drugs abuse, mentorship and scholarship programs Circus Zambia creates an army of creative, knowledgeable and confident young people who can teach their community about issues that are important to them by using the power of entertainment. Young people are enabled to create change in their community and so change the way their community is perceived in the city, country and the world.

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