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Youth Empowering Initiative (YEI)

HIV affects over 7% of the total population in Uganda, and the country’s fishing communities are some of the hardest hit. Risky behaviours, like inconsistent condom use with multiple sexual partners, have left over a third in these fishing communities living with the virus.
MTV Staying Alive’s four-year grant helped YEI’s HIV-prevention activities reach young people affected by conflict in Western Uganda who are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS. YEI started its journey to becoming a social enterprise in 2013 with a small cash injection from MTV Staying Alive and the RUSH Foundation. YEI manages a microfinance scheme, giving small loans to men and women infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. It finances five groups working in local industries, which have to conduct HIV-prevention activities as part of their loan agreement in addition to their day-to-day commercial activities.

In the first 6 months of trading, all groups were paying back their loans, generating a profit of US$4,000 for YEI. YEI is on the road to becoming a self-sufficient organisation and should soon be able to fund all of its HIV-prevention activities independently.

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